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SPELD Victoria's free and confidential info line is now available.

Call us for free professional advice on 1800 051 533

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing some issues with the line and it is not available at this stage. We apologise for any inconvenience and we appreciate your patience in the interim. Thank you

 About Mim

Mim Davidson, N.T. Carysfort Training College, Dublin; Diploma of Teaching of the Deaf, University College Dublin; Graduate Diploma in Special Education, University of Melbourne.

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Mim Davidson will answer your calls personally. If you leave a voice message with your contact details, she will endeavour to return your call within two working days. She will call back up to two times to speak with you directly.

If you are a member of a school community, please leave a name and direct number or personal email.

Mim has been involved with SPELD since 1970. Her tireless work has enabled SPELD to work with families, teachers and individuals in Victoria as well as making links within Australia and around the world building our knowledge of dyslexia and learning difficulties in children.

Qualified as a Primary Teacher and a Teacher of the Deaf in Ireland, Mim also has postgraduate qualifications in the area of specific learning difficulties from the University of Melbourne. Currently, Mim is also a consultant with Learning Difficulties Australia. She has worked across higher education, primary and secondary schooling to see children and adults achieve their educational goals.

Call the Infoline for Mim to give you the help you need to get answers to your questions.


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