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Claire Stonier-Kipen
Claire is an experienced executive and senior manager in the arts and cultural sectors,with arts organisations, State/Local Government; and manager of large teams. She has strong skills in strategy, policy, shaping creative programs or solutions that build public value; resolve or improve business issues; and manage change to implement new ideas. She also has.extensive background in the arts as a professional arts practitioner and a past personal connection to SPELD.


Maureen Younan
Family and Administration Officer
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Kathy Leung
Marketing, Fundraising and Events Coordinator

Educational Psychologists
Dr. Daryl Greaves Dr. Jacqueline Harvey
Frances Coffey Marisa Rossignolo
Janice Beddome Dr. Sophie Weiskop
Jennifer Finemore Ann Magiris
Dr. John Ryan Jo Spataro
Dr. Michael McKay Adina Kotler

Action plan specialist teachers

Rosemary Gooch
Deborah Hastie
Nathalie Parry 


Puja Bhattacharya

SPELD Vic Supporters

Professor Keith Houghton

Prior to his retirement Keith Houghton was Professor of Business Administration at the Australian National University. He is now an Emeritus Professor of the University.

Professor Houghton holds degrees from the University of Western Australia, the University of Melbourne and the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is a Fellow of CPA Australia and the Institute of Accountants in Australia.

For eight years Professor Houghton served as Dean of the University’s College of Business and Economics and its antecedent bodies. He was also Director of the National Graduate School of Management before its merger into the College in 2006. During periods of the ten-year service at the ANU, he served as the Chair of the University Academic Board and the Audit and Risk Management Committee. He has been a member of the University Council. He was also Chair of the University’s Access and Equity Committee.

Michelle Hutchison 


Michelle has extensive academic qualifications in the field of learning difficulties. She has been able to apply this specialist knowledge in her practical experience as a teacher for over two decades.
Michelle is both an experienced classroom and special education teacher, with a specialisation in the learning difficulty Dyslexia. She spent many years researching and
lecturing at The University of Melbourne training undergraduate teachers, special education teachers at Masters level and education psychologists.

Michelle has been involved with SPELD Victoria across many decades and currently runs their teacher training course in Dyslexia with Dr. Daryl Greaves. She works with TAFE Teachers, Primary and Secondary Teachers, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, and parents. Michelle currently presents professional development across State, Catholic and Independent schools, mainly in Victoria.


The Department of Education and Training offers learning and development support, services and resources for all Victorians, from birth through to adulthood.  SPELD Victoria currently has an annual funding agreement with the DET.  


SPELD Vic is a member of AUSPELD the Australian Federation of SPELD Associations



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