Although, these meetings and workshops have not been written by SPELD therefore we are not aware of the content, we also want to inform parents and teachers of training and support opportunities in the area of learning difficulties.

The below professional development opportunities can be tailored to both teachers and classroom asssitants/aides. They also can be offered to smaller groups or up to 50 members of staff and are suitable for primary and secondary students. 

In Service 1: 

Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment | Karen Starkiss  

The main focus of this workshop will be to explore successful strategies and resources that meet the individual needs of students in the classroom. This course will be very valuable in learning how to develop a multi-sensory environment to support all students with learning difficulties. Learn more

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In Service 2:

Response to Invervention | Karen Starkiss  

A central component of this course will look at the importance of the Response to Intervention (RTI) model in the early screening of students. Staff will learn how to identify and screen for dyslexia and LD profiles and how to provide assisstance to these students. Learn more

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In Service 3:

For Classroom Assistances and Integration Aides | Karen Starkiss  

Teacher aides/ classroom assistants play a valued role in inclusive classroom management. In this workshop teaching assistants ascertain the neccesary skills to meet the needs of a diverse population of students and learn how to work as a team member of the school community in order to implement these effective support strategies in reading, writing spelling and maths. Learn more

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In Service 4:

Using Games to Develop Language and Vocabulary | Karen Starkiss 

This is an interactive workshop with a focus on vocabulary and why it is essential for literacy and communication. Teachers will gain ideas of how to engage students in fun, easy to use wesbites and games that will develop children's vocabulary. Learn more

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In Service 5:

Sucess Stories for Social Situations | Karen Starkiss 

This session will uncover Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including definition and identifcation; and how you can teach a child to manage difficult social situations through insight and direction from others success stories. Learn more

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About the presenter

Karen Starkiss 
Phone: 0402 225 051 


Karen Starkiss  brings over 30 years of experience as a teacher of primary and  secondary students in the UK and therefore knows what to recommend  and what  is practical. In England, she was principal of one of the top performing primary schools, despite the fact that she had the highest number of students with severe Learning Difficulties in the  county. She has also worked in “failing” schools to quickly improve standards of teaching and learning. In 2006 she moved to Australia where she has since established the Dyslexia Assessments and Support Services. Karen has wide exp erience in assessing dyslexic children, teenagers and adults for learning difficulties and is currently providing in-service pr ofessional development to schools regarding creating and implementing dyslexia-friendly schools.


Smart Spelling 

Presented by MIchelle Hutchison 

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