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Please note SPELD Victoria is not taking NEW Assessment bookings at this time due to increased demand and extended waiting times.

All EXISTING appointments are expected to proceed as booked.

Alternative options can be found on the Australian Psychological Society Find a Psychologist web page.


1) Full Diagnostic Assessments - Conducted by Psychologist

Full assessments include a Cognitive assessment (WISC-V) and a variety of educational tests that focus on literacy or numeracy skills (WIAT III and other tests). The specific tests undertaken by a Psychologist are selected from a variety of tests based on the child’s age, history and difficulties.

A full combined diagnostic assessment tends to take between 5-6 hours to complete on the day, with the written report being prepared afterward.

Diagnoses of specific SLDs are always made in accordance with the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

We do not offer a Cognitive test on its own.

2) Partial Educational Assessments (Literacy / Numeracy)

Partial assessments include a variety of educational tests that focus on literacy or numeracy skills (WIAT III and other tests). The specific tests used are selected from a variety of evidenced-based testing materials determined by the child’s age, history and difficulties.

Partial assessments can occur when your child has already had a cognitive assessment (IQ) within the previous 2 years. Where a recent IQ test result is available, it is necessary for this to be sent to us prior to the assessment date for the Psychologist to review. The Psychologistintegrate the previous assessment results with the current results identifying any learning difficulties or disorders. A partial diagnostic assessment tends to take between 3 to 4 hours to complete on the day and includes the written report prepared afterward

A partial assessment includes a comprehensive assessment of either Literacy or Numeracy skills.

Where the Psychologist recommends (or parents request) both Literacy and Numeracy to be assessed comprehensively, this will require an additional Educational Assessment and will be conducted over two days.

3) Other Assessment Services

Preliminary Consultations:  If you are unsure what kind of assessment will be the most appropriate for your child, it is possible for you to book a preliminary appointment with a Psychologist to determine the best pathway. 

Where a decision is made to proceed to an assessment, the cost of this service will be deducted from the relevant assessment cost.

Intervention Review: For families who have previously had a SPELD Vic assessment, we offer an additional service. All SPELD assessment reports will include recommendations for future learning and programming support at home and at school. Sometimes it is necessary and/or desirable to review progress once a period of intervention (6 – 12 months) has occurred.  One-hour appointments are offered to review progress and refine the written recommendations for future learning.

4) Assessment Costs

Assessment costs

For the first time in over 5 years, SPELD Victoria gives notice that its assessment prices will increase for new bookings from 3 April 2023.

We know price increases are never welcomed, but our high value Diagnostic Assessment Service is not funded.

The prices reflect the time it takes to undertake the pre assessment review of files, parent/adult consultation, assessment, feedback session,  and preparation of the detailed report.

Price List from 3 April 2023

Full Assessment –             $1,750 (Includes an IQ test and educational tests in either Literacy or Mathematics)

Partial Assessment –        $1,400 (Where an IQ test has already been completed by a professional in the last 12 months)

Literacy Assessment –     $ 700

Intervention Review –       $ 420

SEAS Application –           $ 210

Consultation services –   $ 100 per half-hour.

5) Assessment Benefits

The single greatest benefit from any assessment is the identification and understanding of the individual’s learning profile, so they can fulfill their full learning potential.

However, SPELD Victoria offers families additional benefits for those investing in an assessment.  These include free SPELD Victoria membership for a year, workshop vouchers and other discounts depending upon the kind of assessment undertaken.

6) Report

After the consultation and a feedback session on the day

A comprehensive report is written including accommodations and recommendations by  the psychologist who administered the test

This will be provided four weeks after the assessment session by email.

A report can take between  7 to 19 hours to complete