SPELD Victoria offers assessment services to establish a comprehensive learning profile and identification of any learning difficulties for the purpose of intervention and/or diagnosis of learning disorders, with recommendations for the future. 

Diagnoses are always made in accordance with the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. All assessments include a consultation session, a feedback session and a report. We do this in the following ways: 

1 - Language Assessments

The language assessments will be conducted by a Speech Pathologist, a language assessment includes – a range of tests from the CELF-5 which investigates both receptive language (comprehension) and expressive (oral) language. More specifically a language assessment looks at your child’s knowledge of and ability to use vocabulary; word meanings and relationships; speech sounds (phonology); word level grammar (morphology); sentence level grammar; and language memory. A language assessment can diagnose a Developmental Language Disorder and the impact of a learning disability on oral and written language abilities.
In addition our Speech Pathologist can undertake a combined developmental assessment including a Language (CELF-5) and Literacy assessment (WIAT-III and other tests) for children in the early years to support intervention at school and at home.

2 - Full Diagnostic Assessments

A full diagnostic assessment will include a cognitive assessment (WISC V) and a variety of other educational tests (WIAT III and other subtests). Generally, a full diagnostic assessment will take some 5-6 hours to complete on the day with the written report prepared afterwards.

3 - Partial Diagnostic Assessments

A partial diagnostic assessment will only include the educational component. This can occur when your child has had a cognitive assessment within the previous 2 years. For this to occur, we require the recent IQ test to be sent to us prior to the assessment date for the Psychologist to review.  The Psychologist will combine both sets of results into one complete report identifying any learning difficulties or disorders.

More Information

We do not offer a cognitive test on its own. Contact our Admin team on 9480-4422 for pricing information.
In the last year, SPELD Victoria has transitioned to using some Q-Interactive digital assessment tools using i-Pads (instead of paper-based tools). Please help us to continue this transition.