Literacy Assessment via Telehealth Online

Literacy Assessment via Telehealth Online
We are now offering a Literacy Assessment via Telehealth Online with SPELD Victoria. This will provide timely guidance on how families can still navigate and support their child’s learning right now.

This assessment with a SPELD Victoria Psychologist involves an online/telephone parent consultation meeting, an online assessment session with the student, and a detailed report with assessment results and recommendations for parents to support their child now learning from home as well as their teachers. Our reports are always tailored to each child based on their individual literacy profile. 

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What information will I receive about my child’s learning?
This service provides parents with a clear understanding of the literacy profile i.e. reading, spelling, comprehension and writing of their child. 

The results from this Literacy Assessment will also contribute towards a Full Diagnostic Assessment service in 6 months – 12 months time. A Full Diagnostic Assessment that SPELD Victoria usually offers cannot currently take place as some diagnostic tests have not been made available online. 

Why is getting a Literacy Assessment Important ?

A Literacy Assessment will help you to help your child’s learning now.

A SPELD Victoria psychologist who specialises in Specific Learning Difficulties will be able to inform a parent:

• If a child is at risk of Dyslexia

• If a child needs to undergo intervention before participation in a Full Diagnostic Assessment

• If the current interventions previously recommended need to continue or change

What recommendations will I get from this assessment ?
The report will provide a summary of the students’ strengths and weaknesses in the areas of literacy that were assessed. Recommendations from the psychologist will be focused on what the parent might be doing with their child in the home learning environment and how the child’s school and teachers can also provide support. Our reports are always tailored to each child based on their individual literacy profile.