New Website and Memberships

Our new website includes new membership categories & processes and functionalities

We are delighted to introduce you to some of the new features on our website. 

Some of the changes include: 

New Membership Categories and Benefits

SPELD Victoria now has new membership categories and benefits.  Our membership benefits will now include Members’ discount rates for workshops and events.

The renewal date for existing memberships will now be 1 July each year.  For the current year, you can renew your membership and a pro-rata fee will be automatically calculated.   However to do this you need your membership number.  If you don’t know your membership number please email and we will get back to you. Please include in your email: your full name; email address used for registration and postal address.

If you want to renew or apply for Membership now – you can do so here.

New membership applications will be considered for approval within 7 days.

Live Chat Facility

Our online Chat Facility will go live soon for 1 hour per day Monday to Friday 4 to 5 pm.  Here anyone can have a live, confidential online chat with one of Speld Vic’s Educational Psychologists.  This functionality has been built mainly to address Student interest in communicating in this way, but is open to all. You can give us any feedback on our Live Chat here.  (Our Infoline service with Mim Davidson will continue as previously. Any feedback can be provided on Infoline here).

Speld Victoria’s Website Project Phase 2

The launch of this website marks the completion of Phase 1 of this project. Please give us any feedback that will assists us to continue developing our website.

Phase 2 will commence in early 2018 and will involve further integration of back office systems to improve operating efficiency and effectiveness. 

Our thanks and gratitude are extended to:

– The Department of Education and Training and the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, who have provided financial support to build the website and the integration of the back office systems supporting this website;

– Our collaborative partners at Vokke and Vertic who have respectively designed, built and integrated the systems supporting the website;

-A team of SPELD supporters who provided feedback and input along the way;

and especially  –

– Eda Topuz, our intern and Master of ITBA Student, who initially came to us as part of our Memorandum of Understanding with Swinburne University and stayed on to see this project through to completion.

Thank you to all!