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Speld Victoria’s book store is currently supported through the DSF- Literacy & Clinical Services online book store.

Go to DSF Bookstore to view this extensive resource.

Here you will find everything from the invaluable Understanding Learning Difficulties – A Practical Guide for Parents; to reader series such as the Dandelion and Alba series; to fun and engaging computer programs such as Wordshark and Numbershark. 

With over 25 categories of books and other resources – you are sure to find what you, your child or your class needs here.

Your purchases will assist SPELD Victoria to continue bringing its services to you in Victoria.

In addition to the books available through the DSF – Literacy & Clinical Services online bookstore, SPELD Victoria will sometimes feature other books consistent with evidenced based practice.

Download a PDF list of Other Books on Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia.

Featured Books


Understanding Working Memory - Tracy Packiam Alloway,‎ Ross G Alloway

Working memory is how your brain stores information for a short period of time; and how much you can fit on this “post-it note” hugely influences how well you do at school and beyond. Understanding working memory means you will be able to better suppport children’s learning and concentration. This can be particularly useful to children with conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders, where poor working memory is thought to be an underlying factor. This book will make sure you are able to spot problems early, work with children to improve their working memory and ensure they reach their full potential.

The Successful Dyslexic - Neil Alexander-Passe

Member of SPELD Victoria’s Research Committee, Neil Alexander-Passe, published his tenth book The Successful Dyslexic Identify the Keys to Unlock Your Potential in 2017. Book features in depth interviews with some 37 dyslexics and further contributions of some 191 adult dyslexics in identifying the keys to success in home life, school, career choices, working relationships, coping strategies, traits and unique selling points. 

The book interviews both successful and less successful adult dyslexics to understand the factors that have led to their outcomes. The book questions how school based trauma is used positively and negatively.  The Successful Dyslexic aims to give parents and teachers the insights needed to guide their young dyslexics on a path to success.