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Navigating a journey with Dyslexia or another Specific Learning Difficulty can at times be confronting and confusing.

Sometimes parents just need to talk through how things are going on their child’s journey.

You may have already had a full assessment done, but have follow-up questions that need more time.

Maybe you have been following the assessment report strategies, but something has changed and you need further advice.

Or maybe you need support on how best to meet secondary school challenges with a Specific Learning Difficulty.


SPELD Victoria offers consultations held at its office which provides parents, carers, and students with the opportunity to have a discussion with a qualified SPELD Victoria psychologist regarding:

✔ Educational progress and difficulties with learning

✔ Academic achievement

✔ Strategies for intervention

✔ Self-esteem issues

✔ Education or career prospects


A consultation can be booked through the SPELD Victoria office (03) 9480 4422 or admin@speldvic.org.au with one of our consultant psychologists or Speech Pathologist on an hourly or half-hourly fee.


1) Preliminary Consultations

If you are unsure what kind of assessment will be the most appropriate for your child, it is possible for you to book a preliminary appointment with a Psychologist to determine the best pathway. (Cost: $90 per half-hour or $180 per hour).

Where a decision is made to proceed to an assessment, the cost of this service will be deducted from the relevant assessment cost.

2) Intervention Review

For families who have previously had a SPELD Vic assessment, we offer an additional service. All SPELD assessment reports will include recommendations for future learning and programming support at home and at school.  Sometimes it is necessary and/or desirable to review progress once a period of intervention (6 – 12 months) has occurred.  One-hour appointments are offered to review progress and refine the written recommendations for future learning. (Cost $360).

3) Reports to support applications for Special Provision for VCE

In situations where a child has a diagnosed learning disability and the school is supporting an application seeking special provision or accommodations for VCE, SPELD Victoria can provide an additional report to support this application.

Such a report will include:

✔The student’s history including initial assessment;

✔Any follow up assessments;

✔ Functional implications for testing environments; and

✔ Recommended accommodations.


Contact the SPELD Victoria office (03) 9480 4422 for further information.

4) Tutoring Service

SPELD Victoria’s Tutoring Service is not currently available.  We aim to review and rebuild this service over 2019.  Updates will be posted here as they become available.