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For Immediate Release: Tuesday 26th August 2014

On Friday evening (August 22nd 2014) A Current Affair aired a story outlining a potential “cure for visual dyslexia”. While the treatment—which is focused on improving visual fixation—appears to have helped many people, it is important for our members to know that the condition being treated is not dyslexia; it is a visual impairment condition, albeit one that may co-occur with dyslexia.

If I was the parent of a child with this visual impairment condition and it was successfully treated using the method in the story, I doubt I would mind what the condition was called! However, by indicating that this treatment is a potential cure for dyslexia, the story may give false hope to many thousands of people whose dyslexic symptoms are not caused by this visual impairment condition.

SPELD Victoria supports evidence-based treatments and education approaches that help those with dyslexia reach their learning potential. We have today published an info sheet on our website with links to quality, evidence based information on dyslexia and specific learning disorders: http://www.speldvic.org.au/information/latest-news

We encourage anyone who believes that they, or their children, may have dyslexia or another specific learning disorder, to have an assessment performed by a qualified psychologist. An appropriately qualified psychologist should provide practical suggestions, for use in both home and school environments that have the potential to improve literacy skills.

Jason Henham

Interim CEO SPELD Victoria

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The name SPELD stands for...

SPecific Learning Difficulties Association of Victoria

SPELD Victoria Inc (SPELD) is a not-for-profit organisation providing information and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who care for, teach and work with them.

We aim to:

To increase community awareness of the nature, extent and consequences of the problems of those individuals who, despite their intellectual ability and adequate educational opportunity, fail to make satisfactory progress in one or more of the following areas:  listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, calculating and spatial relations.

To lobby politicians to provide the necessary support facilities and educational opportunities to enable children and adults with specific learning difficulties to realise their full potential.

To encourage tertiary institutions to provide thorough education as to the nature and remediation of specific learning difficulties in courses for teachers and other relevant professionals.

 "As a parent of three children with some level of Dyslexia, I wanted to compliment SPELD on your new website. It is easy to navigate and the information is concise and clearly expressed. It is particularly gratifiying to find so much clear information that will be of help to parents...Thank you for making this resource available to parents, teachers and others trying to support kids with Dyslexia".


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